Connecting Woojer Series 3 with your Playstation

Woojer Series 3 devices can be connected to a source device using either a 3.5mm auxiliary audio cable, a USB-C cable, or using wireless Bluetooth. Below you will find instructions on how to connect your Woojer to your Playstation console.

Bluetooth connectivity to the Playstation from the Woojer is currently not possible out of the box, as the Playstation does not allow for Bluetooth connectivity to external audio devices. Please check out the connection methods below instead. 


Connecting with a 3.5mm cable through your controller

  1. Press and hold the Woojer's power button for 3 seconds until the Woojer turns on.
  2. Connect a 3.5mm auxiliary cable. One end goes to your Playstation controller's 3.5mm output jack, and the other end goes to your Woojer's dedicated audio input jack
  3. Connect your headphones to the Woojer, using either a 3.5mm cable or using wireless Bluetooth. You can learn more about connecting your headphones using Bluetooth through the following article, or from the manual instructions below.

On the Woojer Strap 3, the LED indicator should switch from blinking blue to solid blue.
On the Woojer Vest 3, the HP IN indicatior should switch from blinking blue to solid blue.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones to the Woojer

  1. Turn on your Woojer. 
  2. Press and hold the power button AND the volume up button of your Woojer for 5 seconds simultaneously.
  3. Set your Bluetooth headphones into pairing mode and place them near the Woojer. 
  4. Both devices will pair within 30 seconds.
  5. Once paired, the Bluetooth Headphones indicator will change to solid blue.  

For the Strap Series 3, the LED indicator will begin to blink rapidly with red and blue once powered on.
For the Vest Series 3, the BT HP indicator will begin to blink rapidly with red and blue once powered on.
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