Hard Reset your Woojer Series 3

If you're experiencing connectivity issues between your source and Woojer or encountered an erroneous issue with charging the battery, please follow these steps to Hard Reset your Woojer:

  1.  Make sure your Woojer is turned off and disconnect any cables connected to it.
  2. Find the small hole located on the Woojer.
    On the Woojer Strap 3, the hole will be located to the left of the 3.5mm audio output port.
    On the Woojer Vest 3, the hole will be located above the front USB-C port.
  3. Insert a tiny pin into the hole and press the inner button for one second, and then release the pin.
  4. Turn your Woojer back on.

If the reset did not resolve the issue you've encountered, please contact our team by leaving feedback on the article, or contact them directly by opening a ticket through this link.

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