Audio Mirroring with macOS

Most if not all audio devices can regularly output audio to a single output device at a time, like speakers, headphones, and more. Although multiple devices can be connected to your PC at the same time, usually only a single one can work at a time.

This short guide will instruct you on how to apply audio mirroring between your macOS computer and your Woojer using the Audio MIDI Setup tool of macOS.

When using a Bluetooth device for audio mirroring, you may experience audio latency. The latency level may be either imperceptible or significat, and mainly depends on the actual hardware.

macOS Setup

  1. Open the Audio MIDI Setup application.
  2.  Click on the "+" button located in the bottom left corner of the application, and select "Create Multi-Output Device".
  3. You will now see the Multi-Output Device screen. Select which audio devices you wish to use simultaneously from the displayed checklist.
  4. Make sure to enable "Drift Correction" for devices connected through wireless/Bluetooth connections.

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